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Patients in pain from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems need immediate relief. TMJ problems can often result in headaches and other seemingly unrelated pains. We have successfully helped many patients reduce the severity of their symptoms and find long-term relief.

TMJ is fairly common in our society. In fact, according to the NIDCR, 10 million Americans suffer from the disorder. Dr. Sandler will check your head, neck, jaw, and teeth for signs of TMJ at your regular checkup. Common symptoms of TMJ disorder include:

* Tooth wear
* Bruxism (teeth grinding)
* Worn, cracked, or sensitive teeth
* Clicking or popping jaw
* Chronic headaches and migraines
* Neck, back, shoulder, and facial pain

Dr. Sandler provides non-surgical TMJ therapies, including a custom nightguard. The nightguard works by gradually repositioning the jaw. It will also relieve jaw tension, the source of pain for many patients with TMJ. Other therapies include bite building, tooth reshaping, and relaxation techniques.

Call our Verona, NJ dental office to reserve your TMJ assessment with Dr. Stephen Sandler. Patients from Verona, Cedar Grove, Montclair, and Essex County visit us for quality dental care.

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